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3 Amazing Tips to Pump Up Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is an essential component of any marketing strategy. You can use it to engage with your customers unlike any other advertising platform.

Gone are the days where businesses had made a decision to avoid social media entirely because it was too difficult to control the conversation.  In fact by ignoring social media you could be doing more damage to your brand than good. If there are negative conversations taking place about your products or services online and you’re not getting involved to address them, you are putting your entire business at great risk. 

In order for you to engage with your customers online you need to first determine if there are any particular social media platforms that they are using frequently.  An excellent way to determine this is to check out your competitors online to see which social media platforms they are using and which ones are getting the most engagement. 

Customers want to find information on their own time when it’s most convenient for them and will often use company social media pages along with customer interactions and reviews posted online to determine if they are willing to use your products or services.  That’s why social media has become such an important part of the buyer’s journey.

With that said, let’s walk through some ground breaking ideas that can help you PUMP UP your social media strategy so you can engage your customers online: (It’s time to Pump Pump It Uppppp!!!)

1. Find the Right Type of Social Media Content for Your Audience

The best part of social media is that you can use it to attract new customers through brand awareness and also reach out to your existing audience. For most businesses it’s used as an additional channel to help with their existing marketing and advertising activities.

When used correctly, social media doesn’t replace these other marketing methods, it simply supports them. You’ll be able to use your social media channels to engage with your audience in ways you’ve never been able to in the past. But before you start creating social media content, you need to know who your audience is.

This is where the buyer persona comes in. A buyer persona is used to identify who your key target audience is. Think of the buyer persona as your ideal customer. You may have already created a buyer persona as part of your overall marketing strategy. But now it’s time to revisit them with social media in mind. Are your customers more likely to engage with your business through Facebook or Twitter?  Are they more active on social media during the day or evenings? And are they more likely to engage with you on weekdays or weekends?

2. Create a Social Media Calendar (*Available on our website)

Now that you’ve nailed down what type of posts you want to be making and who you want to send them to, you need to create a social media calendar.  Setting some time aside to create a social media calendar with a weekly schedule will help you keep organized and ensure your channels are updated regularly.  Once you register online you’ll have access to a social media calendar that you can download and update on your computer or print out and share with your staff.

3. Create Engaging and Entertaining Videos for YouTube

FACT:  With over 80% of consumers saying they’ve purchased a product after watching a video, video content marketing is no longer a maybe, but a must-have for your business.

Video Content Brainstorm

Before you go out and purchase a fancy camera to begin creating videos, you need to figure out what topics you’re going to cover off. Will your video content captivate and engage your social media audience? Will it be entertaining, educational, and ignite a conversation among your customers online?

What Makes You an Expert in Your Industry?

Share your background, skills, and expertise in short, bite-sized stories. This will help you to craft a narrative around your brand and give your audience the information and inspiration they need to connect with your product or service.

What Do You Do Better Than Your Competitors?

When someone works with your company, what are they getting in return? What is it that makes them choose your company over the competition?  A more emotionally connected person will want to learn about those things. You’ll share those details but in a way that connects them on a deeper, more intimate level. Remember, a great story is one that earns the attention of your audience, pulls them in, and encourages them to learn more.

How Have You Helped People?  Employees or Customers… It could be anyone.

Here, you need to give examples of what you’ve already done for your staff and customers. You can share staff interviews and customer testimonials that showcase how you were able to help people.

Try creating videos using your answers from above.  You have several options to choose from in terms of style when you create these videos:


This is your traditional, one-on-one video with you standing or sitting and staring into the camera. While this can be uncomfortable for some (ok…most!), there are ways to get more comfortable on camera.


Interview videos are a nice way to include someone from your team and use your topics above to create a conversation.


This is the perfect type of video to turn viewers into loyal followers. Use them to share your process, the tools you use, a step-by-step, how-to or just give a glimpse into your day.


This type of video is exactly what it sounds like. You take your topic, break it down into a few slides, and then add your voiceover.  The beauty in this type of video is how easy they are to make. Try using PowerPoint to record your presentation.

Now it’s time to Share Your Videos on YouTube!  Refer to our YouTube guide on to get help on uploading your videos.

The most important tip here is to get out and do it. Decide on your first one and make it happen.

And there you have it! Those are some amazing ideas you can use to PUMP UP Your Social Media Strategy!

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