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Are Social Media books really worth your money?

Last week a new student of ours questioned the simplicity of our program. The student was comparing our learning material with social media books available from a local Barnes and Noble store. Without reading past the setup section of our guides, the student made a quick judgment on the quality of our material.

We decided to take the student up on the challenge and visited a local Barnes and Noble store right here in Silicon Valley.

What we found was astounding. The social media books were outdated and extremely difficult to follow, especially from a novice or intermediate student’s perspective. The books contained all sorts of technical jargon that even we had a hard time understanding.

Unfortunately a great number of people will simply purchase a technical or how-to book based on the number of topics available or by the thickness of the book itself.

This is exactly the issue our founder had experienced when learning social media even though social media education was still in its infancy. And when searching for material on the web there was an abundance of free material available to. However, more often than not, the material was outdated, lacked clear instructions and in some cases contained no strategies at all.

This is how came about and it’s something we pride ourselves on.

Simple learning that is current and easy to follow. Our model has helped thousands of business professionals and students across the country learn social media through a simple and user friendly platform.


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